I'm here to listen
I'm here to listen
A Safe Space to Unburden Yourself
A Safe Space to Unburden Yourself
A Warm Counselling Environment
A Warm Counselling Environment
What Counselling Can Help With
Is low self-esteem holding you back? Maybe you don't feel heard.  I'm here to listen and together we can look at how you find your voice again. Feeling self-conscious may be affecting your work and social relationships as you may often worry about what others may be thinking about you. You may feel you are not enough which may lead to increased anxiety as you withdraw from social situations. Does it feel like everyone else seems confident and that you are alone? I help people with feelings like this and who struggle with not feeling ‘enough’ and want to let you know you are not alone.
I work with clients in a way to help them recognise that 'wounded' part of their inner child, where you may be repeating patterns of behaviour that were learnt a long time ago in experiences from childhood, part of this work may be to unpack some of these long held beliefs and to reconnect with that part of you to help you to move forward.
I wonder if you have learnt that you need to be brave or strong for others and you find it hard to share how you are really feeling for fear of others’ judgement.  I will work with you to explore where these feelings may come from and to unravel those myths and show you that you don’t need to be strong all the time. We can explore together where this belief comes from in a safe and trusted space. Feeling that you need to be something for others and holding it all in can be exhausting. I want you to know that with me you can let go and unburden yourself, feel lighter; imagine coming to the sessions with a heavy pack back and unloading it here with me.
I have experience working with clients who have felt overwhelmed by their anxiety and feel that they are not enough. I have witnessed the potency of people feeling and being heard. Together we can work through those feelings so you feel empowered. Maybe some of these issues you have been dealing with have meant that to get to this point, to start looking for support has taken courage. Well done, you are here. I understand, and in this space, together, we can help you move forward and achieve the change you want.

Psychologist Edith Eger, Author of The Choice wrote the following quote: 
The willingness to take absolute responsibility of your life; The willingness to risk; The willingness to release yourself from the judgement and reclaim your innocence, accepting and loving yourself for who you really are-human, imperfect, and whole.’ 

Feedback From My Counselling Clients

I understand that it may be difficult for you to trust my word - after all, we haven’t met yet. Here are some of the comments which I have received from previous clients who have reached out to me:
“Thank you for helping me see the way and for supporting me so much, thank you”. 
“Looking at where I am now to where I was then I shall be forever grateful, I now know how to handle and understand my feelings”.
“This whole experience working with you has truly changed my life, I will never be able to thank you enough”.

How to Book a Counselling Session

If you feel like counselling may help you overcome your struggle, reach out to me on my contact us page and we can arrange an initial 20 minute, free consultation where we can discuss how we may work together, a little about how I work and how you feel counselling may help you. My sessions are 50 minutes long and my charge is £55. I am currently working in-person and online, via zoom, however, if you have any Covid-19 symptoms we will need to move the session online.  
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