I will provide a safe space without judgement
I will provide a safe space without judgement
I will put you at the centre of all I do
I will put you at the centre of all I do
What is Integrative Therapy?

I am a humanistic integrative therapist which in essence means I will put you at the centre of all I do and will use different theories and skills to help you work through and unlock what has brought you to counselling. My approach is based on an understanding that no single therapeutic approach can help you in all situations. That’s why I take each of my individual client’s needs and experiences into account and draw on elements of different therapeutic approaches to ensure that our sessions work for you.  All of my clients are unique, and as an integrative therapist, I am able to provide unique and caring support. 
Why I became a Counsellor 

As well as a qualified integrative therapist I am also an experienced cardiac nurse with an MSc in Cardiology and have worked in the NHS for many years. One of the reasons I trained in the counselling profession is as a result of working in clinical research where I was able to spend time with patients who felt able to share their stories. I saw how powerful it was for them to feel listened to. It was here that going through my training and indeed my own therapy I began to see the efficacy of the safe space without judgement and feeling able to openly share my innermost feelings with the therapist.  To finally let go. 

Will Counselling Help? 

The power of counselling spaces is that being able to allow yourself to be seen, without the pretence that you are ok can be life-changing. Whilst it may be hard and even painful sometimes, if you can give yourself permission to stop holding back,  the rewards are truly worthwhile. To acknowledge that you are not perfect and to love yourself as the person you have always been before you thought you had to be what the world wanted you to be.

How Does Counselling Work?

I work with clients on an individual basis and as such the therapy is tailored around you to meet your needs. I am mindful that there is not a 'one size fits all' approach, we are all unique in our uniqueness. I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) which means I work within their ethical principles and guidelines working with integrity and fidelity. The BACP’s guidelines of trustworthiness, beneficence and self respect are particularly important to me in counselling sessions, to ensure my client always feels safe, and looked after and honours my integrity and care. I understand how difficult it is to reach out. You may worry you don't know what to say or that you will feel pushed or pressured and I want to reassure you that we will go at your pace.

Taking this next step can be difficult and it may be easier for you to contact me by email. Please do, if you prefer that to calling. Either way, I offer an initial free, no-obligation 20-minute session via Zoom where we can discuss your hopes, needs and wants for counselling. If you should decide to proceed we can work on a short or long term basis to suit your needs.​​​​​​
My Counselling Cancellation Policy
To make sure I can continue doing this sustainably, I require 2 weeks notice of any cancellations. Therefore, any cancellations within 2 weeks of your appointment will incur a full charge unless we can arrange an alternative session within 6 days. Although subject to availability, I will always try my best to offer you this alternative. I endeavour to offer clients regular appointment times so that you can organise around your sessions more easily. However, two or more missed sessions may lead to these regular appointment times being compromised and your place being offered to another client on the waiting list.
My Counselling Confidentiality and Safeguarding Policy
Your confidentiality is my utmost priority, I want this to be a safe space in which you can share without having to worry. Nevertheless, if there is ever any indication of immediate or serious danger to you or somebody else, it is my duty of care to contact responsible agencies for your safety, and to protect those around you. I will always do my best, where possible, to communicate with you openly about the need to contact third parties and to acquire your informed consent to do so. 
My Counselling Opening Hours
Below are the times when I have appointments available. Please get in touch with me via phone or email if you have any questions or want to book an initial consultation. 
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 0900 to 1500 and 1700 to 1800
Wednesday - 0900 to 1500 and 1700 to 1900
Thursday - 0900 to 1500 and 1700 to 1900
Friday - 0900 to 1200 only by appointment
I very much look forward to speaking with you. ​​​​​​​
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